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Objectives & Target Groups


IP law is facing unprecedented challenges. Evolving issues like biotechnological inventions, software protection, digital rights management, copyright and the internet raise questions related to the continuous need to define an optimal interface between law and technology. Similarly, IP law has become a crucial factor in economic, scientific and societal/moral decisions. In view of the above the LL.M. in IP currently attracts professionals from the public and private sectors as well as junior academics who wish to acquire the skills required to play a leading role in the practice and teaching of IP through exposure to an international and comparative approach.

The curriculum aims to provide an in-depth examination of the classical topics of IP law, as well as a specialized analysis of the latest developments in the fields of patents, trademarks, domain names, copyright and related rights, design, software and databases, integrated circuits, biotechnological patents and plant varieties, the internet and e-commerce. The diversified profile and backgrounds of the students and lecturers make the LL.M. a truly international forum for discussion and exchange of knowledge, opinions and ideas that are entrenched in various legal systems.

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